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Digital Voice Recorders

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Security, Surveillance Systems And Much More

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We carry a complete line of Security, Surveillance, and Recording Equipment. The latest technologies in Digital Video Recorders, Digital Telephone Recorders, Digital Audio Surveillance, and Digital Voice Recorders are available and constantly reviewed for improved quality and pricing. Our expert staff is dedicated To Providing You With Top Of The Line Security Equipment.


Wondering what they are doing while you're away?  Keep an eye on your kids while you're at work or on vacation! All you need is an internet connection to hook your camera to, and access to the internet wherever you are in the world.  This neat little surveillance package will give you the ability to view live feed from your camera location, or review what happened an hour ago! Enjoy LIVE INTERNET VIEWING, PLAYBACK, AND DIGITAL PAN AND ZOOM with this inexpensive surveillance kit.  To view more information on this handy little item, or to place an order click here.

NEW- Digital Line 64 Hour Audio / Telephone Recorder

64 Hr Digital Voice Recorder
Now with AC/DC Power Source!!!

The new DR-64 digital recorder represents the next step in digital audio-recording technology.

With 128 MB internal memory & an SD/MMC expansion slot, the DR-64 is capable out of the box, but also readily expandable.

Feature advances such as 64 hour recording, near-instant voice activation, and integrated voice / telphone operation, the DR-64 is sure to suit your recording needs. System Includes: DR-64 Recorder, USB interface cable, batteries, earbud headphones, telephone line adapter, PC Software, and AC Adapter. (Note, not compatible with digital telephone lines)

Features: 128 MB - Up To 64 Hour Record Time MMC / SD Card Slot - Allows for extra recording time (Optional card required) Voice Activated -- Records only when talk is present. High Speed Uploading to PC via Included USB Connector. AC Adapter included for Prolonged Operation on Telephone. LCD Display Provides Instant Recorder Status & Record Time. Key Hold Function Prevents Accidental Turn Off When Recording. Includes all accessories needed for immediate operation. Full 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Model# DR-64 - Retails for $349.00 - Our Price: $269.00

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90 Hour Digital Recorder USB

70 Hour Digital Recorder USB *On Sale
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64 Hour Telephone Recorder

64 Hour Audio Telephone Recorder
more info


45 Hour Digital Recorder

35 Hour Digital Recorder MP3 & FM
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45 Hour Digital Recorder

35 Hour Digital Recorder MP3
more info


22 Hour Digital Recorder w/Cellphone adapter

17 Hour Digital Recorder w/Cellphone adapter
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19 Hour Digital Recorder w/wireless remote

19 Hour Digital Recorder w/wireless remote
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9.5 Hour Digital Recorder Voice Bank

9.5 Hour Digital Recorder Voice Bank
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This discrete digital recorder will prove indispensable. To look at it, you would never know it was a voice recorder!  No confusing "Play", "Record", Fast Forward" buttons.

Easy To Use:

No tiny buttons, annoying beeps, or distracting lights to confuse you while you are trying to concentrate on your important notes. In fact, the one button control allows you to instantly capture your thoughts quickly and effortlessly. Simply slide the pocket clip down to record, and up to stop. Keep the "PI Pen" handy day and night, (it's even easy to use in the dark) whenever a great idea strikes! Also great for recording interviews and business meetings, making sure you capture every detail. (Note: Some states require consent of all parties for audio recording. Check all local and federal laws regarding your specific application before use)

Rechargeable Battery:

The "PI Pen" recharges in 4 hours simply by plugging in the included USB re-charger cable. A single charge powers unit for 10 hours of recording.

Playback Options:

Either listen from the included earphone with the wired remote control, or re-record files to a cassette recorder or other media using the supplied re-record cable. The "PI Pen", don't go in the field without it!

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spyfinder hidden camera detector

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New - Spyfinder Hidden Camera Detector

spyfinder hidden camera detector

Last Year, Over 74 Million Dollars Was Spent On Spy Cameras Alone. They Are Everywhere, Mostly Where They Shouldn't Be In The First Place. This Device Locates Spy/Pinhole Cameras, Wired Or Wireless, dead or Alive From 30 FEET!!!!

We Even Include A Free Spy Camera Just To Ensure Our Customers Know (RIGHT AWAY) Just How Easy And Effective This Device Is. Within 30 Seconds, You'll Understand When We Say "NO MORE HIDDEN CAMERAS!!!!"

Anyone Hiding A Camera In A Dressing Room, Tanning Booth, Restroom, Etc. WILL BE CAUGHT...........

FREE!!!! We Include A Working Spy Pinhole Camera. BE PERFECTLY SURE WE ARE NOT EXAGGERATING. TEST This Technology The Moment You Receive Your Order.

Operating Principle

The SpyFinder hidden camera detector/locator is the most reliable and easy to use technology on the market for making sure that your private actions are not being watched. Its function is based on the principle of optical augmentation. This technical jargon refers to the phenomenon where light reflected from a focused optical system, such as a video camera, is reflected along the same path as the incident light. This means that if a hidden camera is illuminated and viewed with the SpyFinder technology, then a strong reflection from the target camera will reveal its position to the user.
The SpyFinder exploits this phenomenon by using a ring of ultra-bright LEDs arranged around a viewing port. When a user scans a room looking through the viewing port, a hidden camera appearing in the field of view will brightly reflect the light from the LEDs.

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spyfinder hidden camera detector

Spyfinder Hidden Camera Detector
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960 Hour Time Lapse VCR


All the standard Time Lapse features in a durable yet economical commercial grade unit. 40 hours real time recording with audio using T-200 VHS cassette.

Features include:
time/date stamp, alarm input and program timer recording.


Dual-azimuth 4-head rotation helical scanning system
Audio recording in 2,6,18,24, and 40 hr. mode
Recording options: 2/6/18/24/36/40/48/72/96/120/168/240/360/480/720/960 hours.
Input- RCA jack
Output-RCA jack
Mic input 3.5mm mini jack, 10Kohms
Operating Temp: 41-104 degrees F.
Dimensions: 360W x 90H X 289D CM

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960 Hour Time Lapse VCR

Weldex 960 Hour Time Laspe VCR
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Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Surveillance Systems Recorder Surveillance systems

Using simple, industry standard alarm connections, wiring alarm inputs and outputs is old hat. Remote access is as simple as assigning an IP address and connecting your RJ45 internet cable. The included remote viewing software is well engineered and intuitive. You will be connected and viewing video in minutes.

Offering four channel functionality without sacrificing quality. Packed with all the features necessary to furnish your business or home with todays generation of digital recording.

Completely forward and backward compatible with existing and classic CCTV systems.  Upgrade to Digital as your budget permits. Compatible with all Mux units and B/W or Color CCTV cameras. Installation is as easy as turning the unit on and connecting the cameras.  Intuitive VCR - like programming allows simple setup for any experience level. 

The DVMR/4 ships complete with all options: View remotely anywhere an internet connection is available. Print images to any printer. Archive video to tape or locally using marked image. Sophisticated A-Logics digital motion detection allows you to record only when there is motion, or simply disable to record full time. Clever masking feature eliminates unwarranted triggers such as animal movements or tree limbs activating record. Learn More
Need More Channels, eight and sixteen channel complete systems are available.

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DVMR/4 System With 80 Gig Hard Drive

DVMR/4 System With 80 Gig Hard Drive
more info


120 Gig Hard Drive

DVMR/4 With 120 Gig Hard Drive
more info


160 Gig Hard Drive

With 160 Gig Hard Drive
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Tiny Camera Section

Video surveillance

Spy Software

Voice Changers

Aertrax V Vehicle Tracker only $599.00
We only have a fraction of our spy equipment available on the web site at present.
If you are looking for something and can't find it online please call us
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Spysupplystore.com offers this equipment only for legal uses.
You must check your state and local laws for what is legal in your area.
Please check the terms of sale for all the details.

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